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How to negotiate when trying to sell a clunker

Having a car in your possession makes your life highly convenient. You can easily drive to and from work, go shopping or take your family out on an excursion. Problems occur when the car breaks down, and it cannot run. Eventually, your once prized motor vehicle ends up as junk in your garage or backyard. A few months down the line or years later, you realize that the car is worthless.

The good news is that you have not lost everything. You could still salvage something out of the junk car. You can dispose of it and get some cash. The sales proceeds, added to your savings, will come in handy when you want to buy another car. However, disposing of such an asset can be a problem especially if the vehicle does not run. You need a truck to transport the automobile to a junkyard dealer.

Auto salvage dealers are always eager to buy junk cars. The fact that a vehicle stopped running does not mean that it is entirely damaged. Once these dealers have it in their possession, they strip the car of parts that are still in good working condition. They then sell them as used auto parts. How do you stand to benefit out of this arrangement? The answer lies in negotiating with the buyer and getting a good deal.

How to look for a junk car dealer

There are many auto salvage firms out there. The best way to find a reputable one is to carry out a little research.

  • Locate dealers within your area through an online search
  • Visit their websites and familiarize yourself with how the salvage companies work
  • Zero-in on two or three firms that have impressed you
  • Probe further and see whether there have been any complaints lodged against the company
  • Call the potential buyers and inquire about the buying-selling process
  • At the same times, get quotes from each of these yards for comparison purposes 

 Negotiating for the best deal

As an ordinary car owner, you might be knowing little about the business behind auto parts and scrap values. Unlike you, salvage dealers are at the top of their game hence they carry an advantage when buying junks. However, if you are keen to follow the tips below, you will end up getting more than a bargain:

  1. Know your car’s salvage value

Usually, a grounded automobile only requires some repair to get it back on the road. If that is not the case, you could, in an ideal situation, strip it apart and put the parts on sale. Prepare a list of the parts that you think are still of value. It could be the tires, hood, alternator, starter motor or radiator. Ask a mechanic friend to give a fair estimate of the value.

  • Take photos

Unfortunately, most people do not give sufficient details when seeking for junk car quotes. Take pictures of the parts that are still in mint condition, using either a digital camera or a cell phone. Send these as an attachment to the email addressed to potential junkyards. If you can prove that the car is of high value, then you improve chances of getting a high bid.

  • Avoid the retract trap

During price negotiations, describe the condition of your car as honestly as you can. Where needed, or if you deem it fit, provide pictures. On the other hand, insist on the dealer keeping their bargain as promised. Avoid unscrupulous dealers who will promise to pay a certain price only for them to backtrack on the day they arrive to tow the car.

  • Towing cost

Always ensure that the quoted price includes the cost of hauling the car from your property to the junk yard. Do not entertain stories from the towing crew asking you to pay additional charges.

Salvage car dealers should pay you the total amount agreed. The dealer should come with a cheque for the full amount or pay you in cash for cars

Time to clean up garage in summer time

When summer comes, it is obvious that change is what everyone wants and especially on matters to do with lifestyle. With lifestyle, a matter to do with one’s personalities and what one feels is right for them is of importance. Today, having a car is a necessity in fact; people tend to move with trends, which is to replace a car with another of the latest model. However, the summer season is usually the right time to do the garage clean up and doing away with what you feel is not worth.

When does a car become a clunker?

There comes a time when your vehicle begins developing mechanical problems and breakdowns and even after too many repairs, no change is detected otherwise leaving the owner with no option but just park and leave it idle. An old car can also be a clunker and even though it still functions, it most definitely has its limitations hence proving unreliable. Some accidents can result to totally damaging a car and hence declared written off and when in a rare case one happens not to have insured their car, the damaged car becomes scrap in one’s compound. Having a scrap car in your compound can be frustrating in fact; it is a sign of irresponsibility and being disorganized. That however should not be a worry since there is always a solution and that is seeking professional junk car and towing companies.

Junk car and towing companies

If you are keen enough, you will understand that the summer season is the time when garage and driveway clean up takes place all over the states. This is the time when scrap car and towing companies get calls from all over from people who feel fed up with the heap of cars which are no longer of use to them. The scrap car companies are numerous and are distributed all over the states leaving one to select one from the many. The following are points to note when selecting a car junk and towing company:

  • Consider reviewing and learning about a professional junk car and towing company before picking one. It is very easy to tell of a reliable company depending on the feedback given by people who have once done business together. It makes it possible for you to decide on what to pick and what to leave.
  • Flexibility and availability is another factor when it comes to choosing the right company. A company that heeds the call of a client once called upon to take up a task is reliable.
  • The price at which you agree to sell to the scrap vehicle towing companies should be one that is content to you since some of the companies tend to exploit car owners by quoting an unreasonable price.
  • Beware of fraudsters who are good at claiming to offer services but their intentions are exploiting and stealing from you. It is important to pick a company that is known for its services.

Importance of junk car and towing companies

Some people perceive selling a clunker to these companies as a waste of money most definitely because of the price but in real sense, it is far much better than leaving with an old or useless car in the compound.

  • They help in clearing your garage with useless machinery and cars hence enabling one to settle for what is important.
  • Selling your junk automobile is creating space for another car or creating a store for spare parts or other important machinery.
  • When you sell your scrap vehicle, you can do the math and of course top up the amount to buying a new car in replacement.
  • Selling the clunker will relieve you from towing costs since the companies will get the car from your garage.

Before selling your old and unusable car to the car junk and towing companies, ensure that you have decided to do away with it. It is important that you also remove all the personal stuff from the car including documents. Ensure that the car has no gas in the tank since it is prone to causing harm while towing. Sometimes, the vehicle could be having valuable parts e.g. new tires or recently bought spare parts, it is advisable to remove them and replace them with the old or cheaper ones. Finally, ensure that your car is no longer insured and make sure to transfer the ownership of the car to its buyer.

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Sold my car fast

Last weekend I was travelling with some friends from Windermere to Millwoods on the Anthony Henday. Due to the cold weather conditions in Edmonton the roads were slippery. I did not realize how bad things were and unfortunately I ended up sliding over black ice and going in to the ditch near Rabbit Hill Road. My car was damaged from the front and the back and I knew that getting it fixed was just not going to be worth it. A friend recommended me to call EdmontonJunkCar.CA. Marie answered the phone and was quite patient as she understood that I was quite stressed and did not want some unknown towing company to show up and hit me ridiculous charges. She sent over their tow truck within minutes even though the guy was coming all the way from North Edmonton near Yellowhead highway. He came and gave me cash on the spot for my completely wrecked car. I simply had to sign off the title to them and it was all done. He hooked up the car and towed it away for free their auto junk yard. I never knew that junking my car could be that simple. Thank you very much to all the kind folks at your company.

Donate Your Used Car

The cars we own break down or get old eventually. Of course nothing lasts forever in this world. When this predicament befalls you, you will find yourself in a dilemma of how to dispose your vehicle. The first idea that will cross your mind is to sell it to a used cars dealer or to a scrap metal company. However, donating it to a charity organization is a much better option. There are a number of reasons why you should go for this. These include:

Supporting a Cause

Charities always have the challenges to raise enough money to fund their causes. They help a large portion of the society in many great ways. Some of the great work they do is to fund medical bills of seriously sick people, build homes to the homeless, support orphans, build schools, health centers etcetera. Most of these charities accept car donations. If you take this step, you will have helped to fund their causes. You will feel good and proud of yourself thereafter having in mind that you have touched the lives of disadvantaged people. This is a simple way to donate to charities if you do not have enough cash in hand.

Selling is Frustrating

Selling a used car is quite a frustrating process. You have to do a lot of advertising in the social media and in various websites that offer the platform of advertising. Some of them might require some payment in return. Once you finish advertising, you will have to wait for a while before you find a real buyer. Most of the time you might be contacted by folks who just want to play with your thoughts and time. Some will demand for a road test only to turn down the buying later. Moreover, most of the buyers will offer very low prices that will only leave you stressed up. This is no doubt frustrating and you probably don’t want to go through this.

The Process is Fast

Donating a car to a charity is a very fast and simple process. Contact any charity through the internet, telephone or through any other way you prefer. Provide them with the necessary information and then wait for them to turn up at your doorstep. They will carry out the entire process and seek ways of ferrying the car if it has completely broken down. You will not sweat an ounce or waste your precious time.

Tax Deduction

When you donate your car you might be offered a privilege of your taxes being deducted. Learn more from the tax officers in your area for any necessary procedure.

No Improvements Needed

The good thing with donating is that you don’t have to make any changes to your car. These means you will not have to spend your money in repairing it. Instead, the charity organization will be responsible for any improvement needed. You therefore don’t have to worry about anything.

Final Verdict

It is crystal clear that donating your used car is the best option. Go for it if you want to save your time and money. After all you will have helped support one or two causes.

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